Company : Hueite International Co., Ltd.

Brand :F.KNIT

Website : http://www.fvfknit.com

Brand’s profile

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attentions to various outdoor and indoor leisure activities. In addition, people also notice that most of the leisure footwear among brands is visually very much the same. F.KNIT makes lots of effort to allow people to show their personal style during doing leisure activities, or find best footwear for their daily outfit. F.KNIT looks forward to bring a whole new concept to footwear industry.

Therefore, improving the brand image and competitiveness will be the primary issue for the company. F.KNIT has set up its own production line with fully-fashioned manufacturing process to create many series of fabulous uppers. Accordingly, F.KNIT has developed various fully-fashioned seamless sports and leisure footwear with creative and original design.

All the uppers are available to be mixed with different colors in one piece of fabric, and can be customized according to the designer's design print. All the uppers and tongues are seamless products, and eyelets are also completed while the upper is finished. Furthermore, any kind of geometrical patterns, lines, figures can be added on uppers. These elements make any kind of designer’s edition can be perfectly formed. High-breathability, Ultra-lightweight, and extreme-comfort are the great advantages, which make F.KNIT footwear so different from the other leisure footwear. F.KNIT has designed various footwear for different purposes. There is a very important message F.KNIT would like to deliver. People do not suffer great discomfort when they’ve worn F.KNIT footwear for whole day.

Shoes are not just shoes in modern life because they have become part of accessories to our daily life. Not to mention that functionality is always basic requirement for shoes, and shoes also play a very important role in how to make a great outfit. F.KNIT has launched a series of fashionable seamless footwear with various brilliant colors. F.KNIT expects everyone could show his or her personal style and character while wearing F.KNIT footwear. By providing innovative products for the people who care about fashion so much, F.KNIT will be constantly working on new technique and being a trend leader.

Brand’s concept

The knitting shoes are manufactured by a series high technologic process, which create nearly seamless upper. Eco-friendly is a very important concept for the Fully-fashioned knitting shoes. Because of the special producing process, it can minimize the wastage comparing with the other footwear-making process. The knitting shoes do not mix up too many different kinds of materials on the shoes so people will feel these shoes extremely light while wearing them. Moreover, good ventilation is provided by all the holes on the seamless upper. “F.KNIT” technology creates a series of fully-fashioned knit uppers which fit feet like tailor-made, and deliver great comfort to people who are wearing them. These advantages make “F.KNIT” footwear become an extraordinary product in the market.

Patterns and graphs can be designed freely. Colorful image is a very important element to impact people in the first sight. Therefore, "Fashion and Free style" is the concept of brand as well as the spirit of the brand. It shows shoes are not just shoes, but represent personal lifestyle. The idea of logo comes from the abbreviation of “Fashionable Ventilated Footwear”. While there letters are combined, one big “V” can be seen. The letter “V” is used to send the message of “Victory”, which tells people do not afraid to pursue their goal. The letter “F” from “F.KNIT” is the abbreviation of “Freestyle”. For “F.KNIT”, there is no limitation of our creation, and freestyle is our style. “F.KNIT” is creating our trend, the trend for knitting shoes.