Kauo Heng Precision Machinery Industrial Co., LTD. established in 1972, is an up and coming company focused on manufacturing high quality and efficient computerized flat-knitting machines. In line with the consistent sincere letter and steady and sure management idea, Kauo Heng Company improves the professional technique and R&D constantly.

Kauo Heng Co. strives to enhance the quality of all its products, while maintaining quality in the highest standards. A top priority of Kauo Heng Co. is to fulfill the different demands and gain the support of our new and repeat customers. It is because of our customers that Kauo Heng Co. looks forward to create “Win-Win” situations for both our customers and the company itself.

High competition within the industry and meeting the various demands from customers are the issues which companies must overcome. Kauo Heng embraces competition and uses it as motivation to elevate our company standards. Kauo Heng’s products are well-known for its outstanding performance, and have obtained a reputable reputation in the global market. However, Kauo Heng Co. is still looking forward to enhance our services and maintain our policies, while being responsible and reliable. We proudly produce the kind of product that is not only used by our loyal customers, but attract newer audiences to our family through innovation, quality and reliability. Today, Kauo Heng Co. is proud of its reputation as one of the most professional, computerized flat-knitting machine manufacturers. While it is a label we are greatful for, we will strive to become the largest flat-knitting manufacturer in the world.